about us

aboutThese helmet covers were created as a different Halloween costume for my friend’s kids. They loved it. In fact everyone loved it, and asked me to make them one. Unfortunately material and time cost me quite a bit, and if the characters were trademarked (depending on requests) I couldn’t sell them. Also, the first version was fixed to the helmet, inconvenient, and had disaster written all over it. I had to find a helmet that I had planned on never using to use it. Wondered, “how can we make these things temporary?” So I created a version that was able to fit most helmets, and could easily slip on and off in less than a minute.

I have had the pleasure of looking at the world through a lens like no other. Kids that think I am real, funny, or real funny. Color/creed doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone is enjoying something humorous together.


I am currently creating character prototypes for a few companies. Once a respective licensing agreement is signed, I will be able to put them on the website for you to smile at. I hope to bring more life to what is otherwise seen as a daily obligation for most (driving to and from work) . Until then, if you see me or one of my friends riding honk your horn. ;)

Drive Safe, and Have fun!


Applying the helmet cover