What’s up everybody over there at Omidais!!! You guys are freggin great :) I ordered a Insane Clown one that I thought would not be here for at least “2-3 weeks” and it showed up at my house 3 days later. Thaaaaanks!

Ive been showing off my Omidais to everyone. The masses agree, this thing is sick!!! I got it to be more noticeable on the road. I think you guys would agree it worked.

Thanks again guys!


My helmet with the best cover for it on Cannery Row during Moto. It was great, I get a great response, people love it. Adults and kids both. Great ice breaker with the chica’s.


Albert A.

So, had a track day at CoTA with RideSmart, and put the cover on 1/2 way
through day 1 (Saturday) wore it all day Sunday and got alot of looks (and
a few stops for pictures!)

Dean D

Gives who ever wears it a big road presence boost and the smiles from strangers on the road make riding all that much more fun and safe.

Trevor I.